True Fresh HPP / True Food Innovations was a proud participant in the 2017 International Dairy/Deli Bakery Association Show, (IDDBA), held June 4th – 6th. The annual event, held this year in Anaheim, attracts nearly 10,000 attendees. They share an impassioned interest in food, the industry and in gathering the latest innovations from experienced and skilled experts.

Shelf Life Expansion and Reduced Waste Celebrated

At this year’s show, a plethora of companies demonstrated an avid interest in gleaning new techniques and procedures which could be implemented to improve the very specific, and always challenging, problematic issue of shelf life. This was a major point of interest for many attendees.We presented the perfect opportunity for companies to learn about the tremendous benefits of High Pressure Processing, one of which is it’s ability to increase and extend shelf life by up to 10 times its normal storage length, without the use of additives or diminishing nutritional value.

Our Sales Team was able to share our technologically innovative High Pressure Process techniques and enormous interest was generated. The industry fully embraced HPP’s incredibly valuable contribution in eliminating product waste and for its increased food safety factors. Enlightened IDDBA attendees recognize, as does the FDA and USDA, that we are a one-stop solution in creating clean label products which consumers expect and have come to demand.

Innovation Drives New Product Line Opportunities

The True Chef Slow Cookers were enormously popular with IDDBA buyers. Convenience, safety, sleek looks and nutritional value factors were all addressed by our knowledgeable team as information flowed and interest soared. True Food Innovations was a natural fit to lead the charge in creating new opportunities for HPP food use options. It is at the epicenter of our company philosophy and we had the opportunity to speak to a plethora of companies that now fervently wish to implement the latest techniques which meet consumer demands, as well as stringent FDA guide lines.

Exposure Piqued Interest and Generated Demand

True Food Innovations products were displayed in the New Products Showcase, as well as, the Show & Sell in the Grab N Go Cooler. These are highly popular destinations within the tradeshow and piqued great interest in our innovative process and product lines.
Buyers sought to learn more and migrated to our booth in anticipation of delving deeper into HPP opportunities. We embraced all who sought knowledge and had a robust sales team at the ready to provide detailed and thorough information.

This year’s IDDBA Trade Show was an incredibly successful event. We spoke, at length, to many companies who are now enlightened about this new HPP technology and they are very eager to test their products using High Pressure Processing, anticipating amazing results




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