Interested in learning about rapid and exciting innovations in the food industry? How about modern technologies that are revolutionizing the way we create and distribute food? If so, visit the IDBBA Conference in Anaheim, June 4-6th. Proudly, we will be showcasing our High Pressure Processing technology, which is changing the way in which the food industry satisfies their customer’s demand for healthy, natural and convenient foods.

Consumer’s eating and shopping habits have been continually gravitating towards fresh and organic foods in recent years, and foods full of artificial flavors and preservatives are being replaced rapidly with healthier options.

As Alan True, our Founder and CEO of True Foods Innovations, points out, in today’s fast-paced, constantly connected lifestyle, people don’t want these healthy and nutritious foods to come at the cost of convenience.

“There has been a tremendous shift in what the average consumer wants from their products,” True says, and “shoppers are becoming savvier and taking the time to look at food labeling in search of clean foods with natural ingredients” – without sacrificing everyday accessibility. That’s where True Foods Innovations comes in.

The Union of Food and Technology

Based in Southern California, Our flagship technology, High Pressure Processing (HPP), a cold-pasteurization process that uses extremely high water pressure to treat packaged foods and beverages that results in a clean label. This is a cutting-edge process that eliminates the need for the various heat or chemical preservation techniques used by many other food manufacturers.

Heat or chemicals often kill many of the beneficial nutrients found in food – eliminating much of the reason to make it in the first place. High Pressure Processing, however, maintains the foods nutritional integrity, while also helping it last much longer on the shelf – up to 10x the normal shelf life and without the need for further preservatives.

These are great advantages for suppliers and distributors, as High Pressure Processing does not just help businesses and retailers save money by effectively cutting down on and minimizing tremendous amounts of wasted food, it also helps them create and market food that is attractive to those looking for fresh yet expedient choices.

In Person Exhibition

To give food and industry suppliers an up-close and personal look at High Pressure Processing’s powerful capabilities, as well as a look at meals and food options produced with this technology, True Foods Innovations will be heading to The IDDBA Conference in June.

IDDBA stands for International Dairy Deli Bakery Association, a non-profit trade group and forum for food retailers, manufacturers and distributors throughout the world. The Conference is one of the largest conventions in the food industry, with 1900 registered booths. It serves as a gathering place for some of the food industries most groundbreaking and forward-thinking individuals and companies.

The show takes place June 4-6th, and tickets can be bought at True Food Innovations believes this is the perfect place to showcase what our technology is capable of, the type of food options we can prepare and bring to market, and we look forward to sharing our vision for the future of the food industry.

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