BUENA PARK – June 27th, 2016 – TRUE FRESH HPP®, provider of High Pressure Processing (HPP) and food innovation solutions, has installed its third Hiperbaric 525 HPP machine in its innovation center in Buena Park, California. With three of the most cost efficient, high capacity HPP machines available, TRUE FRESH HPP® now has the single largest concentration of HPP tolling services under one roof in Northern America. Ideally located in Southern California, the facility is in close proximity to Los Angeles shipping ports, Vernon’s co-packer district and the Inland Empire, near the intersection of all major trucking routes to the Pacific Mid-West. “We are extremely excited about the addition of our third Hiperbaric machine,” said Director of Operations, Paul Harrison. “We now have three of the largest capacity HPP machines giving us the greatest capacity of HPP tolling services in one location. This really secures our position at the forefront of HPP processing, technology and know-how.”

“High Pressure Processing is the only way to naturally extend the shelf life of chilled, clean products and is increasingly used in all food categories,” said President Mark Lodge. “We help the food industry using our certified HPP facilities to provide clean, wholesome, unadulterated foods that are fresh, guaranteed safe and long lasting. In fact, our TRUE FRESH HPP® technology demonstrates the ability to extend chilled shelf-life for up to 10x normal expectations. As a result, this allows manufactures to supply products that are guaranteed pathogen free with a truly clean label on a national footprint while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies.”

High Pressure Processing (HPP) uses extreme water pressure to safely kill pathogens. This process extends food shelf-life up to 10x while preserving all nutrients and minerals which are typically lost while using traditional pasteurization processes. The HPP process takes products in its original and final packaging, pressurizing it up to 87,000 psi (six times the pressure found in the deepest part of the ocean) over a range of a few minutes.

TRUE FRESH HPP® continues to provide state-of-the-art HPP tolling services and related food solutions. Expanding its peripheral services beyond tolling, TRUE FRESH HPP®’s services include product development, packaging, packing, labeling, refrigerated as well as frozen storage, supply chain and logistics services. For companies that need assistance with product innovation and HPP readiness, TRUE FRESH HPP® employs food industry experts that can take products from concept to shelf edge. Their test kitchen, paired with a team of research and development experts, help develop new products and processes that capitalize on the benefits of HPP technology. In addition, future plans to add more HPP tolling locations across the country, in Chicago, the Southwest and Southeast will make TRUE FRESH HPP® the dominant force in this exciting innovation space.

Founded by Alan True a successful entrepreneur and visionary and headed by Mark Lodge a leading food industry executive, headquartered in Southern California, TRUE FRESH HPP® is one of the largest HPP tolling solutions providers in the US. TRUE FRESH HPP®’s three Hiperbaric Model 525s machines are conveniently situated in a 60,000 sq. ft. cold storage facility in Buena Park, California. TRUE FRESH HPP® California is USDA, FDA, Organic certified & BRC accredited. HPP services include real-time inventory management, comprehensive product traceability and logistics support such as cross-docking, case packing, palletizing and a host of other cold storage logistics solutions.

For more information visit www.TrueFreshHPP.com

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