Southern California has one of the world’s greatest demand for fresh, natural, clean label foods. This makes the region a natural home for True Fresh HPP’s Buena Park facilitythe largest capacity High Pressure Processing plant in the nation.

True Fresh HPP processes foods using the latest high-pressure processing (HPP) method, which preserves foods without using chemicals and without sacrificing taste, texture, color, and nutrients. This method also increases shelf lifean important benefit for food producers, distributors, and sellers, which also abound in Southern California.

Fernando Suarez, Plant Manager, conveyed “True Fresh HPP feels at home in Southern California, because the region has always been a leader in fresh, natural foodsits consumers demand it. Our processing method is a perfect fit with that culture, because it makes food safe and long-lasting without diminishing its naturally good qualities, the way traditional methods of food processing often do.”

High Pressure Processing (HPP) uses extreme water pressure to safely kill pathogens. This process extends food shelf life up to 10x while preserving all nutrients and minerals, which are typically lost while using traditional pasteurization processes.

The HPP process takes products in its original and final packaging, pressurizing it up to 87,000 psi (six times the pressure found in the deepest part of the ocean) over a range of a few minutes. The vessels are then filled and surrounded with clean, cold water and sealed inside 14″ thick steel drums. Pistons begin to compress the water surrounding the vessels and putting equal pressure around the packaging. This pressure is held anywhere from a few seconds up to several minutes.

True Fresh HPP has an annual capacity of 75 million pounds in its Buena Park facility. But its operations don’t stop with processing. The 60,000 square foot facility includes: 20,000 square feet of processing space, 20,000 square feet of frozen storage with 3,200 pallet positions and 20,000 square feet of inbound and outbound chilled space. The company can also provide food companies with pouching packaging options, chilled and frozen storage and other logistic services.

And through its sister company, True Food Innovations, it can also provide turn-key private label product development, branding, packaging, and manufacturing services.

California is known for innovation, and True Fresh HPP has made Southern California a hub for an innovative food processing method that equally benefits food consumers and producers.

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