NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (February 4, 2016) – True Fresh HPP, a national large-capacity provider of high-pressure processing (HPP), has become the first HPP processing facility in Southern California to earn USDA certification.

True Fresh HPP operations are run out of a 60,000 square foot cold storage facility and provide comprehensive tolling solutions for food and beverage manufactures.  Services include real-time inventory management, complete product traceability and logistics support for cross-docking, case packing, and palletizing among other cold storage logistics.

“Earning USDA certification is a huge opportunity for True Fresh HPP as it opens up an entire category of food and beverages that we can work with to provide HPP services and create healthier, natural ingredients that preserve products more effectively and extend shelf life,” said Alan True, Founder and CEO of True Fresh HPP. “HPP processing maintains the nutritional value, taste and ingredient quality of food, while removing food-borne pathogens and increase the quality of the products we work with.”

With plans to add two more Hiperbaric 525s HPP machines later this year, True Fresh HPP continues to provide state-of-the-art HPP and related solutions. True Fresh HPP is innovating in the category by expanding the peripheral services that go well beyond tolling to include product development, packaging and co-branding. For companies that need assistance with product innovation and readiness, True Fresh HPP engages experts at True Food Innovations – a sister business. Through a suite of integrated services – from packaging to R&D to marketing and testing – True Fresh HPP can help fast-track an idea or new product’s path to the HPP tolling process. The test kitchen, paired with a team of research and development experts, help to discover new products and processes that use HPP technology.

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About True Fresh HPP

Founded by Alan True and headquartered in Southern California, True Fresh HPP is one of the largest HPP tolling solutions providers in the US. True Fresh’s two Hiperbaric Model 525s machines are conveniently situated in a 60,000 sq. ft. cold storage facility in Buena Park, California. HPP services include real-time inventory management, comprehensive product traceability and logistics support such as cross-docking, case packing, palletizing and a host of other cold storage logistics solutions. Visit

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