Love pine nuts as a savory topping and crave hummus as your favorite veggie dip or dietary staple? As recently as June 19, 2017, the Federal Food and Drug Administration announced a recall involving three brands of pine-flavored hummus, from a major supplier, due to an ingredient, pine nuts, which was suspected of being contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The hummus was distributed throughout the United States and Canada, in major marketplaces such as Kroger, Walmart and Target, from April through June.

This major recall was trackable due to its W-coded sell-by-date. However, should consumers have to constantly check with the FDA web site to insure food safety?

The Number of Hummus Recall Instances is Increasing

Recalls of hummus also occurred in January and May of this year, and although random sampling is done to check for any food-borne illness, listeria, a bacterium which has 15 species, can contaminate foods, even those which are refrigerated, too frequently, making people very ill. Listeria is treatable but can cause serious illness to people with diminished immune systems, pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Consumers Demand Safe and Nutritious Foods

Today’s savvy consumers are taking a proactive approach to their food choices and paying higher prices for clean foods.  They have learned to check the “sell by” dates and want to trust the product safety, as well as the marketplaces where they spend a large percentage of their paycheck. They demand the freshest and most nutritious foods available and expect that food processing technologies are in place to ensure that pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria are eliminated. But the recent slew of recalls for potentially deadline bacteria, begs the question, are consumers truly safe?

True Fresh HPP Technology Ensures Nutritional Value and Pathogen Free Foods

High Pressure Processing provides a solid solution to Hummus safety. True Fresh HPP provides High Pressure Processing (HPP), this technology offers safe and pathogen free foods which consumers now demand, without the use of preservatives to prevent spoilage. Not only do the four Hiperbaric 525 HP machines at their facility in Southern California, provide the wholesome, safe and clean chilled foods, they provide a FDA and USDA approved kill-step to ensure safety without compromising nutrients and minerals.

How Does HPP Technology Ensure Food Safety?

The HPP process places chilled packaged food products under extreme water pressure up to 87,000 psi’s to safely kill pathogens in a just a few minutes.  This process, Tolling, makes foods safe for consumption and even extends the chilled shelf life, as well as maintaining the nutritional value of these packaged foods.

True Fresh HPP’s Innovative Future Endeavors

True Fresh HPP is doing much more to ensure that all consumers may confidently purchase the foods they crave, enjoy and must have to sustain a healthy life without food safety worries. True Fresh’s approach going forward is innovation; focusing on new packaging techniques to ensure unparalleled quality control and future generations’ demands.

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