True Fresh HPP has answered the industry demand for innovative, cost efficient, high capacity food processing by establishing a production environment that is truly state of the art.  Our location in Buena Park, California, is the largest HPP plant in North America. It is a 20,000-square foot tolling facility which is dedicated to offering high pressure processing for packaged food items and beverages. Our facility is the largest in the USA with four Hyperbaric 525 machines and has earned FDA, USDA, Organic and even BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification for setting high Global standards of quality, safety and traceability in food processing.

True Fresh HPP is not only a diligent provider of innovative solutions for food safety, they are also astute in choosing to locate the company in the very densely populated area of Southern California which is in very close proximity to the busy shipping ports of Los Angeles, the inland empire cities of Riverside County and Southwestern San Bernardino County (27,000 square miles) and all the major trucking routes to many destinations in the Pacific Mid-West.  This location makes them easily accessible to all those in need of tolling services. Future plans include providing more tolling locations across the country.

Health Conscious Consumers Demand Clean Label Foods -True Fresh Exceeds Their Expectations

The High-Pressure Process (HPP) not only preserves flavors, textures, nutritional value and freshness to every packaged food item and beverage processed with high pressure processing; it eliminates not only pathogens but also the need for adding any preservatives.  The result is “all natural” foods which are fresh, safe, convenient and provide up to 10 times the standard shelf life.

HPP Technology Seals in Freshness, adds Shelf Life and Taste to these Foods and Beverages

The HPP hyperbaric pure cold-water process applies pressures up to 87,000 psi’s to eliminate food-borne pathogens such as the 15 strains of Listeria, yeast, mold, E-coli and Salmonella and more without applying heat or any chemicals.  Foods, juices and other beverages retain their fresh taste.

HPP Equipment is Environmentally Friendly

True Fresh’s HPP 525 equipment is run on recirculated, pure cold water and has the highest output and lowest operational costs in the food industry. From the farm to the consumer’s table, up to 25% of all foods are lost to spoilage. HPP eliminates waste by improving the shelf life of many foods.  Since the foods are pre-packaged before the hyperbaric technology is applied, no foods are lost to recontamination.

State-of-the-Art Tolling to Related Food Handling Solutions and More

True Fresh HPP’s team is seeking to expand Its services well beyond Tolling.  A number of food industry experts have been hired and now embrace the company’s vision to bring even greater innovation to food packaging, supply chain logistics, better labeling, new products and greater diversity in the use of HPP technology. Improved inventory management and comprehensive tracing are just two of the areas of avid interest.  These earnest and diversified areas of interest will help True Fresh HPP to push industry standards upward in an ongoing effort to achieve even greater advancements in all areas food handling safety.



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