As the use of HPP continues to grow across the board, there are a few areas where we can expect to see especially rapid expansion over the next several years. One of those areas is the meat industry, where several product categories are a perfect fit for this rising technology.


The same advantages that make HPP so popular for other food categories hold true for the meat industry as well. High pressure processing shines in so many of the areas that are particularly important to today’s consumers. From food safety to clean label status to nutritional value, HPP provides exactly what consumers have been claiming to value, and more importantly, what they have demonstrated they value through their purchasing habits. Let’s take a look at a few areas where HPP is positioned to transform the meat industry.


Lunch Meats Such as Cold Cuts and Hot Dogs


You don’t have to go back very far to find many cases of massive food recalls due to contamination of deli meats, hot dogs, and the like. In almost every one of these cases, this risk could have been negated had the product been treated with HPP. Because HPP eliminates foodborne pathogens while the food is in its final, consumer-ready packaging, there is virtually zero risk of post-production contamination. That means that consumers can rest assured that the food they buy is as safe as it was the moment after it finished processing.


On top of this, HPP eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. This allows you to achieve clean label status in a category where there are few such offerings, conferring a significant marketing advantage in a day and age when clean label is one of the dominant movements in the food marketplace. Eliminating chemical preservatives in cold cuts almost always lowers the sodium content as well, since most meat preservatives are sodium based.


Raw Meat and Poultry for Restaurant Chains, Caterers, etc.


High pressure processing has the potential to naturally (i.e., without the use of preservatives) increase the shelf life of raw meat and poultry while producing virtually no noticeable changes in the finished, cooked product. The only thing holding it back from becoming a standard procedure for raw meat and poultry sold directly to consumers is the fact that it tends to induce changes in the appearance of the raw product, since certain proteins are denatured by the process.


For caterers, restaurants, and other businesses that cook and prepare the food before serving it to their customers, however, this is not an issue, since the customer never sees the raw product. These establishments can benefit from the increased shelf life and enhanced safety that HPP provides for raw, ready-to-cook meat and poultry.


Ready-to-Eat Meals That Include Meat


High pressure processing and ready-to-eat meals have been a perfect fit for each other from the beginning. As consumers increasingly demand convenience, wholesome nutrition, and identifiable ingredients, RTE foods treated with HPP continue to become a very attractive proposition. Foods that can be stored at home and either heated quickly or eaten as is out of the package provide the convenience that consumers need and demand. High pressure processing allows you to provide these in-demand products without compromising on nutrition or resorting to chemical additives. The positives for this category are so large that even the US military has begun investigating the use of HPP in their efforts to improve the quality and variety of soldiers’ rations. Meals can be processed as a finished product, right in their final packaging, ensuring that safe, nutritious food finds its way into the hands of consumers in the most convenient form.


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