It is the goal of the farmer to grow nutritious foods, harvest them at the peak of freshness and carefully pack and ship them under ideal conditions to retain their wholesomeness and cleanliness. Soil is meticulously tended and enriched by crop rotation, watering is timed and measured stringently and harvesting is done at the peak of the growth and maturation cycle.

Local ingredients delivered directly from the farmer to your local marketplace would insure freshness and nutritional value.  However, the disappearance of the small family farm which was not economically sustainable due to weather and growing season issues, has made it impossible to get a balanced food supply locally and directly into your fridge.  Hence, the introduction of preservatives and other additives which pull us further away from clean eating.

The Transformation

Beans, greens and many more foods must be put through food processing or preservation before consumption. This destination is where raw ingredients are transformed by physical or chemical means such as heat, drying, freezing or using additives such as sugar, salt, white flour or hydrogenated oils and where pathogens are destroyed for food safety.  The farmers foods are made safely edible at the cost of nutritional value, texture and natural flavor. Are all those additives and processes needed? How then can we eat clean?

Today’s Educated Consumers Expect and Demand Clean, Safe Foods

Consumers have become well informed about food safety guidelines.  They read the labels, check the internet to find a brand’s processing facilities and do the footwork to ensure that the foods they purchase meet “go clean and “free from” standards.  Clearly their food choices today revolve around clean eating and this is accomplished by adhering to the following:

  • No artificial ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavors
  • Non-GMO
  • Clean labeled foods
  • Traceability
  • Sell-by-Dates

Clean, Delicious, Nutritious Foods to Your Fridge, with True Fresh HPP

At True Fresh HPP we offer the technology that empowers clean food, the food that you want to reach for in your fridge, knowing that it has no pathogens and is as close to its natural form as possible. Our HPP Hiperbaric 525’s cold- water pressure processing kill-step, which uses 87,000 psi of hydrostatic pressure, is FDA, USDA, BRC and Organically certified to offer your family the cleanest food available.  No additives or preservatives dull the taste, texture or nutrients in those delicious foods from the farm that you love.

We offer a process that naturally extends the shelf life of chilled, clean products up to 10 times without losing precious minerals and vitamins that your healthy body craves.

Future Farm to Fridge Foods Products and Clean Food Solutions

At True Fresh HPP we have hired noted industry experts to assist with even more food handling solutions, packaging, labeling and every kind of innovation which will be developed by our test kitchens and will implement the newest technology to embrace even more foods and beverages as we offer globally, what the farmer grows to even more fridges all over the world. We are committed to clean eating and offering an effective solution that will bring more foods from farm to fridge without unhealthy additives.

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