About Us

We're True Fresh HPP.

We provide food and beverage manufacturers with High Pressure Processing (HPP), an innovative USDA and FDA-approved technology that guarantees the highest levels of food safety standards. HPP extends the shelf life of fresh, all-natural, refrigerated products up to ten times the normal range, without the use of heat or preservatives. 

True Fresh HPP is one of the largest HPP tolling facilities in North America. With our bi-coastal tolling capabilities in Southern California and New Jersey and an annual capacity of 200 million pounds, True Fresh HPP can seamlessly support large-volume by providing lower transportation costs to customers on both coasts. 

Our Mission


Help food and beverage manufactures provide Clean, Wholesome, Fresh, safe and long lasting food to consumers


Educate manufacturers on HPP technology so they can offer products that are guaranteed pathogen free* with a truly clean  label on a national footprint while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies.

*with a validated challenge study

Support customers in the transition to the fresh category in both foods and beverages to utilize high pressure processing.

Implement a roll out of other HPP tolling loations across the country that will make True Fresh HPP the dominant force in this exciting innovation space.



Los Angeles Facility

Strategically located in Buena Park, CA, a central location between

• The LA Produce District/Vernon
• Long Beach Port
• Inland Empire 

20,000 sq. ft. of frozen 

20,000 sq. ft. of cold processing

20,000 sq. ft. finished product cold storage

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