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True Fresh HPP is the single largest HPP tolling facility under one roof in Northern America operating 4 Hiperbaric 525’s with an annual capacity of 100 million lbs. HPP technology demonstrates the ability to extend chilled shelf life up to 10x normal expectations. As a result this allows manufacturers to supply fresh, refrigerated products that are Clean, Wholesome, Safe and Long Lasting as a national program while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies.

What is HPP?


True Fresh HPP provides processors of food and beverages with the state of the art HPP and value-added services ensuring food safety and extending shelf-life without the use of preservations or heat.

Shelf Life

Nutritional values remain intact, while increasing shelf life and reducing spoilage.


Results in foods with fresher taste, and better appearance, texture and nutrition than food processed under heat

Food Safety

Enhanced food safety due to inactivation of spoilage organisms and relevant foodborne pathogens

HPP Brings Unparalleled Versatility To Ready-To-Eat Foods

Ready-to-eat foods are some of the most popular products on the market, owing to their variety, convenience, ease of preparation, and their typically longer shelf life. These are the foods that busy people often rely on in our fast-paced, demanding, and often hectic...

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